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Do you have the ability to bring your child into this world?

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In real life, as a child of our parents, is it possible to be a snipe mother this? I see is not easy. The following and Lianyungang West Bank English training center to look at it!

We found that most of the mother will protect the child in their wings, especially now the child at home, it is holding in the hands of fear scared, contained in his mouth afraid of the.

When the child staggered walking, accidentally fell, not to encourage children to get up, but quickly picked up, and even playing the floor, scold the floor, strange floor fell baby.

Baby to eat their own chopsticks, and that can not, how to do a mouth The baby holding their own bowl of porridge, that can not, in case of how to do?

Wait until the child is bigger, and should be able to do whatever you can, but the mother was reluctant to let the children bowl, reluctant to let the children wash clothes, let the children suffer suffering.

Afraid of how he was injured? So many children in high school socks will not wash.

As a parent, at home we endured him, let him, give him a sterile sky, but wait for him to grow up, he inevitably out of this comfort zone.

Outside the world is very big, happy with the helpless, storms after the rainbow and warm sun, the outside world is great, even if the parents of the palm and then large, long arm, it is impossible to embrace his life, it can not life For his shelter.

So that we can not do anything for him, and he had to leave our shelter, and then regret is really late. On the Internet we have seen reports, there are students to send piles of dirty clothes home to mother wash, and some college students have been stolen money, actually did not go home ability, and some into the workplace, can not work with people, We have met with a child pampered, grew up unable to support his wife and children old and useless life.