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Learn these a few Where is not afraid of it!

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Today we say that Where's usage

Where is the place, "where" means. So what is the most practical expression of it?

Where is the bathroom?

This sentence is definitely "save the sentence"! My mother went to the United States before I only taught her three words: "Can you speak Chinese?" "How much is it?" "Where's the bathroom?" Experiments show that these three really useful!

Where are you from?

When the customs officer, the customs officer is likely to ask you: Where are you from? / Where do you come from? You can answer I'm from China./ I come from China. Of course, you can say directly to China.

Where would you like to go?

When you are in a taxi or ask the way, others will ask you where to go, the more commonly used in addition to the expression Where would you like to go? Where are you going? Where are you headed? Then if you really do not read Out of that place name, you can point to the name of the map display, or to see your business card

Where should I pay? Where do I pay?

Although it is easy to go abroad shopping shopping will say that China's shopping guide, but if the kind of local shopping mall basic English or need to

Where did you buy it?

See someone else to buy the East (eat) West (the), you will want to know where people are buying, then you can ask Where did you buy it? / Where did you get it?